Sale and rental of professional cleaning equipment

People always want to see a harmonious and orderly environment around them, which, of course, must be clean. We, SIA "CleanLat" offer you to maintain the surrounding environment and space around yourself, making it quick and effective with professional cleaning techniques.

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Facts About CleanLat

The liability of SIA CleanLat has started its operations and was established in 2006 with the help of local capital. The goal of the company is to introduce and offer local cleaning companies professional solutions in the catering industry using various types of technical units to help companies save on labor, time, finance or other business-related resources, providing a clean, clean environment around them.

more than 12 years of experience

Member of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Latvia

Large selection of Nilfisk, Viper models. Possibility to overcome the equipment.



We offer short and long term lease of combined floor cleaning machines, disc machines, sweeping equipment, vacuum cleaners, carpet and soft floor cleaning techniques. We carry out staff training in the work with the equipment, advise and recommend the choice of suitable cleaning equipment rental solutions for the most advanced solution.


We provide warranties, after-sales service to our machines sold within 48 hours, or replace with equivalent equipment if it is not possible to provide service during this time. We carry out maintenance and prevention of our offered equipment Nilfisk, Viper, Cleanfix, Kranzle, Menikini, IPC Gansow all over Latvia. We offer service to other manufacturers of cleaning equipment such as Hako, Numatic, Fiorentini, Taski, Karcher, Tenant, Weidner and others.

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