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SR 1601 B

SR 1601 B
Technical info
Motors Battery 48V
Motora ražotājs -
Motora tips -
Max ātrums (KM/H) 8
Skaņas līmenis (dB(A)) 69.5
Produktivitāte ar 1 sānu birsti teorētiskā/faktiskā (M²/H) 10000/7000
Produktivitāte ar 2 sānu birstēm teorētiskā/faktiskā (M²/H) 12800/8960
Darba platums (MM) 900
Darba platums ar sānu birsti (MM) 1250
Darba platums ar 2 sānu birstēm (MM) 1600
Min apgirešanās rādiuss (CM) 306
Max slīpums (%) 20
Atkritumu tvertne (L) 315
Centrālās birstes ātrums (RPM) 540
Centrālbirste (MM) 900x310
Sānu birstes diamters (MM) 550
Izmērs (CM) 222x132x146
Svars (KG) 1220

A better design to reduce cleaning costs

Nilfisk SR 1601 is claimed to be the most technically advanced sweeper in its category, with innovations that increase cleaning productivity whilst simplifying operating and servicing requirements. Designed for industrial applications such as heavily soiled factories, construction sites, parking etc

The dust control, for example, is outstanding, and airborne particles are controlled more effectively thanks to the DustGuardTM system. And less dust means less cleaning elsewhere. Plus the productivity is excellent, thanks to a huge 900 mm main broom, a 1600 mm wide sweeping path, and the SR 1601s all around reliability for getting the job done quickly and well.

Excellent machine manoeuvrability thanks to the power steering (STD)
Nilfisk DustGuard™ system completely controls airborne dust to reduce cleaning time
Free floating main broom and fine tuning knob adjustment increases productivity and performance
MaxAccess™ system provides fast and easy access to facilitate servicing
The strong yet lightweight rotomoulded polyethylene covers and bumpers over a steel chassis provide automobile industry quality protection
NoTools™ system speeds main broom and side broom changing cutting down on service time