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ROBO 40s

ROBO 40s
Technical info
Total power 400 W
Power suction motor 100-200 W
Brush pressure 17 kg
Operating speed 0.4 m / sec
charging time for battery 3 h
Autonomy Max. 6 h
Battery capacity 24 V, 58Ah
Surface performance up to 1200m²
Curona Navigationssystem 64 MB Ram
Working width 40 cm
tractor nozzle 50 cm
Fresh water tank 28 litres
Tank volume waste water 31 litres
Weight incl. batteries 105 kg

The «robo 40s» is a cleaning robot that can clean up to 1200m² without human input.

The «robo 40s» is controlled by the CURONA* navigation system which represents its eyes and brain. 8 ultrasonic sensors and 3 infrared sensors ensure that the robot is perfectly aware of its environment. Three modes (random areas, corridor cleaning and hallway cleaning) allow the «robo 40s» to optimize cleaning efficiency. This system represents the most advanced automatic cleaning technology in the world today and it is combined with simple controls and sensible prices.